About us



 Welcome to the ArcDH website.

ArcDH is inspired by modern values and wants to see the individuals, communities and societies to be valued not by favour but by their rights, as conferred by the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and subsequent UN conventions. ArcDH regards their totality as the pinnacles of human cultures, which are at the risk of being eroded by dogma, ideological persuasions or adverse interests. ArcDH pledges its activism to safeguard the totality of these modern human values.


The ArcDH is a Non-Governmental Organization (NGO), as well as a non-profit making organization. It was founded in France on 24 March 2010 in accordance with the “Law of Associations” 1901 conferred on 16 August 1901 and was registered in the official journal of the country. Though started as the French-Azerbaijani ArcDH Association, collaboration is wide, as our attitudes are defined by active interaction with like-minded organizations throughout the world. Examples including: USA, Germany; UK, Sweden, Norway, Swiss, Turkey and Azerbaijan.


ArcDH is active in relation to the defence of human rights and the culture of Azerbaijani communities. ArcDH has at its heart the fate of Lake Urmia (Urmu) undergoing through a distressful manmade catastrophe. In fact, Lake Urmia triggered the formation of ArcDH in 2010 to the extent that representatives of the French & Azerbaijani community approached academics to provide a scientific background to explaining this manmade catastrophe. The conference was very constructive and provided the basis to ArcDH to refer the case to UNESCO for collaboration. It is true that these efforts are ongoing but ArcDH remains ceaseless in its campaign until the restoration of Lake Urmia.

ArcDH follows the best practice procedure in the conduct of its responsibilities as laid down by the appropriate French laws and to this end it adopted its Constitution in 2010. Today, the Association is growing both in quantitative and qualitative terms.


ArcDH meets regularly with representatives of international organizations such as the United Nations, the European Union, UNESCO and NGOs; it issues its annual accounts and reports on its activities and achievements.

Our mission

  1. ArcDH strives to nurture the culture of inclusion and human rights, and thereby seek the reinstatement of the rights of the people of Azerbaijan in Iran.
  2. ArcDH is inspired to increase popular knowledge on human wellbeing, dignity, governance, chartering rights (and doing away with favouritism and cronyism), transparency; to safeguard children wellbeing, women rights and full literacy; to establish civil society and appropriate institutions, expose arbitrary acts and campaign for non-Draconian but fair rule of law; to maintain sustainability all the way through.
  3. ArcDH derives its strength for its activism from the need to the sustainability of mother languages, Lake Urmu and the integrity of all ethnic groups within their national framework.
  4. ArcDH seeks to encourage policies and practices in line with best practice on human rights; and to nurture respect for human rights and the conventions on human rights.
  5. ArcDH shall remain non-partisan, independent and promotes a plural approach to political persuasions and causes and respect all religions.
  6. The motto of ArcDH is: we succeed only if our actions lead to positive outcomes and sustainable change.